Ever since the Phoenicians discovered glass and the Romans the glass windowpane, glass has been at the forefront of architectural excellence. Historical marvels like the Blue Mosque, Vatican Cathedrals and Modern Icons like The Shard in London and I.M. Pei’s unforgettable Louvre Pyramid in Paris are testament to what can be achieved when glass and great design unite.
We remember these designs because they were the vision of award-winning designers given artistic licence to create masterpieces.

Multiple design award winner and CEO of The Glass Design Company, Brian de Mezieres wants to bring this spirit of innovation to your office or home with custom, one of a kind designs using only the finest materials. His team of highly skilled professionals will ensure that the work is done as efficiently as possible with no corners cut and quality not compromised.
Since opening their doors in 2007 the Glass Design company has forged a stellar reputation and this legacy of excellence has seen them invited to participate many prestigious projects like South Seas Mouille Sands and Eventide.
Though Brian is proud of his many accolades at Decorex and Homemakers Fair, his greatest reward comes from unveiling his vision to a satisfied customer for the very first time.

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